Posted on Jul 30 2020 - 8:20pm

So how does this all work?  It's actually pretty simple - each Tre.venture has the following.


  • A total dollar amount being awarded in silver, gold, jewelry, and/or unique items.
  • There are Placement prizes that are awarded based on the order in which you solved all the clues.  I.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.
  • There are Non-Placement prizes that have nothing to do with what order you solve the clues.  Can't say any more about these without spoiling the fun !


  • To participate in a given Tre.venture, you will need to purchase a Hunt Key for that Hunt.
  • The Hunt Key will unlock the clues for a given Tre.venture and ensure that others can't win it.
  • The price of a Hunt Key will vary with the Prize amount for the individual Hunt (*).
  • Only a limited number of Hunt Keys will be available for each Tre.venture to make things more fun for all involved.


  • A specific area that the Tre.venture will take place within.
  • This is usually a county within a state.
  • The clues/locations will not take you anywhere outside this area, unless noted otherwise.

Start Date/Time

  • The date and time the first clue will be released to those who have a Hunt Key.
  • This will occur on the Hunt Page for the given Tre.venture.
  • The race is on !

How It Works

On the start date and time for a given Tre.venture, the first clue for that hunt will be released.

  • Each Tre.venture will have it's own Hunt Page on this website.
  • A link to the first Clue will be posted on the Hunt Page on the start date/time.
  • Follow the link, use your Hunt Key, and you will receive your first Clue.
  • The Clue will lead you to a very specific physical location.
  • At that location, the Clue will lead you to a very specific object - for example a monument.
  • This object has the password you need to solve the Clue and move on to the next Clue.
  • A password is usually a long string of letters and/or numbers.
  • The total number of Clues for a given Tre.venture will vary with the Prize amount.
    • It will usually be a minimum of eight (8) Clues.
    • I want to make sure everyone has fun, even if you don't finish first.
    • Note: Clues and Locations may or many not be the same thing...
  • Be one of the first groups or individual to solve all the Clues and you win !
  • Be aware of your surroundings and you just might win something too.
    • Can't say anymore...   ARGHHH !

Hunt Leaderboard

Along the way you will be able to see the your team's progress, as well as others, through the Hunt Leaderboard.  Think Ready Player One !  This should provide some extra motivation as your Tre.venture progress will be displayed  live.  Nicknames will be used for the Hunt Leaderboard instead of your real name for privacy reasons.


A Bad Pirate Tre.venture is an amazing value.  It will provide your team with up to two weeks of adventure.  Compare the cost of a Tre.venture to your team going to a two hour movie...

This isn't one of those treasure hunts that may last years, or longer because nobody can solve the clues.  A Tre.venture is meant to be solved completely within 1-2 weeks by a number of teams.  And ALL teams should be able to experience the satisfaction of solving some of the Clues. 

If a given Hunt doesn't start proceeding towards the Duration goal, additional Clues will be provided.  


If you win a prize, I have your  contact information from your Hunt Key purchase and will ship the prize(s) directly to you.  See the FAQs on why there is no treasure buried at the final location and the advantages of this method.

Fair Play

I know a small number of you be Bad Pirates like me and will try to take shortcuts.  I can assure you that I am a smarter pirate than you in this case, so don't bother. 

  • You can't access the Clues or win a prize without a Hunt Key.
  • You can't hack the Clues - encryption will prevent you from doing that. 
  • You can't hack the website and even if you did, there is no sensitive information there to help you out. 
  • You need to go to each physical location to find the password for the clue.  You can't do this from your computer at home .  Google may help you find the location you need to go to but it won't give you the password you need.
  • When you answer each Clue, your GPS location is logged with your solve.
  • For certain Clues you will need to take a selfie with the Clue location in the background.
  • All winners will be vetted through our logs that they followed each step properly before being awarded a prize.
  • Bottom line, have  fun, play fair, and leave the Bad Pirating to me !

Have Fun 

My goal is to make sure you have a a new adventure and a fun time doing it - get out of your house, find locations in your area that you may not even know existed, and learn something new, and enjoy the company of others along the way.


Mikey Ten, a Bad Pirate

* for simplicity I use the words Tre.venture and Hunt interchangeably.