Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on Aug 05 2020 - 12:31pm

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Mikey Ten, Bad Pirate, and Bad Pirate


Is this real?

Yes it is !

Don't believe me though... go look through our Facebook Page or Group for those participating and the winners.

What about Covid-19?

We've designed to limit the total number of people participating and so that Teams are not all at the same location at the same time.

While you are out hunting you should have face masks, hand sanitizer and follow all applicable local, state, and federal guidelines in place.

As a hunter, you probably won't want to get close to other hunters anyhow... they might hear your conversation and solve a clue before you !


Can I work as a group or team?

Yes !

Each Hunt Key is valid for a Team of up to five (5) people - family or friends. The number five (5) comes from the average number of people that will fit into a single car and a way to ensure social distancing is occurring while on in public spaces.

If you have more than five (5) people, you should split into multiple Teams and buy a separate Hunt Key for each Team.

At least one person on the team, the one how purchases the Hunt Key, needs to be 21 years of age or older

Why are Tre.vetnures participation limited by county?

We have done this for a few reasons:

  • This is going to be a multi-day adventure. The majority of people more than 1-2 counties away would not be able to actively participate due to distance from home. This means they would not have a good experience. And we are all about creating epic adventures !
  • Given Covid-19 concerns we also don't want promote people traveling far to participate.

I can't get the Clue page to come up on my phone

You most likely have a setting on your phone that is preventing the Clue page from access location services or your camera.

The Browser Test page will tell you what the problem is and provide instructions on how to fix it

If that doesn't work, the issue most likely does not exist on every Team member's phone. Use a different phone until you can figure it out

Note: Clue pages cannot be opened from a computer, only a phone

I'm stuck on a Clue - help !

I can't provide Teams or individuals with direct help, so please don't ask

Think of it this way - if all the Clues could be solved quickly, what fun would that be?

If a given Tre.venture is not progressing to be completed by enough teams within a week or two, I will release additional clues. This decision will not be affected by people asking though.

If you are stuck, i recommend the following.

  • Take a break, think about something else for awhile, clear your mind.
  • Ask a friend !
  • My Clues tend be like onions, you need to peel back a layer at a time. Work on the first part, and don't jump ahead to later parts.
  • Each Clue leads to a very specific Location and very specific object at that Location. You will know 100% when you are there.
  • There may be Locations that you find that match a part, or even multiple parts, of a Clue. If they aren't clicking 100% though maybe you have the wrong Location.
  • I'll give an example here to help illustrate. In one Clue I used the phrase "a decimal system". A lot of people jumped to the conclusion the Location was a library because the "Dewey decimal system" is used to catalog books in a library. They were all wrong though because the focused on a single piece of the puzzle and didn't figure out how the rest of the pieces of the Clue fit together

What is a Hunt Key?

We needed a way to limit who can access the Clues for a given Tre.venture. The Hunt Key is the way that is accomplished. We use cryptography (really advanced math!) to create a unique set of Hunt Keys for each Tre.venture. Without one of these Hunt Keys you can't unlock the Clues for that hunt. You also can't win any Prizes without them either !

We limit how many Hunt Keys are sold for each Tre.venture, and therefore how many people can participate.

Make sure to keep your Hunt Key a secret !

Why is there a minimum for Hunt Keys sold?

First let me say, I believe in full transparency. This type of business won't work without it.

Putting on this type of event requires a significant amount of investment. There are legal fees, travel, planning, clue creation, hosting, and development fees, and lots and lots of advertising. Oh yeah, and the prizes !

In order to ensure I can continue offering future I simply need to make sure I am not incurring a loss on each one.

The minimum number of Hunt Keys sold for each Tre.venture represents covering all costs and a small profit.

Why is there a maximum for Hunt Keys sold?

There are a few reasons for this.

  • Given the pandemic, its not good for a large number of Teams to be in the same place at the same time. And the Locations you will be visiting probably don't appreciate it either. Thus, I've capped participation at a certain point.
  • Limiting the number of Teams also give you a more personal experience with the Locations you will be visiting.
  • And frankly, at a certain point profiting too much from customers is never a good idea and you won't end up with repeat customers.

Is there real treasure hidden in the ground?

There is not !

I've never liked the idea of hiding treasure at a physical location for a variety of reasons:

  • Moving things or digging on public property will almost always get you in trouble, and causes problems for the hunt itself.
  • You can't 100% guarantee that a random person doesn't find it.
  • There are all sorts of laws about finding things on public property that you don't want to get involved in.
  • It's usually one really hard clue that leads to only a single location and only one person figures it out.
  • And most important to me - only one person gets a prize. What's the fun in that???

What are the advantage of nothing buried in the ground?

I've purposely created a new type of Hunt called a Tre.venture and the technology behind it to provide the following advantages:

  • Multiple Clues and Locations with one leading to the next. You will able to solve some of the Clues and enjoy part of the adventure, even if you don't win.
  • Multiple Prizes - Not only will 1st place win a prize, prizes can be awarded to others in the order that they solve all the Clues. These are called Placement prizes. I can also add Non-Placement prizes that can be won - wait, can't say much about that ARGHHH !
  • You do NOT need to dig or disturb anything !
  • I can guarantee someone that has a Hunt Key will win. No random person can win.

When will you have a hunt in ______?

Best thing to do - signup for the Bad Pirate Newsletter

You provide your State when you signup and this helps us determine where we will add new in the future

Who are you?

I'm Mikey Ten, a Bad Pirate - aren't you paying attention?

Seriously, though... I've been involved in treasure hunts where the organizer remains anonymous and where they give their full name and contact information. Both have pros and cons. I'm going to try "middle of the road" for now. I'm not going to publicly state my name. There are advantages of being anonymous that makes creating these much easier, and therefore everyone benefits. At the same time if its that important to you, follow the clues I've provided to figure it out. There is NO prize for finding me ARGHHH !