New Yorkers find new form of outdoor entertainment amid pandemic

Posted on Sep 06 2020 - 11:30pm

Rochester, N.Y., Sept 6, 2020 -- Most concerts, festivals, outdoor events, and attendance at live sports were canceled this summer and fall.  That has left people craving fun activities outside the house.    New Yorkers tested a new form of outdoor entertainment that satisfies that craving.

The morning of Saturday August 15th, forty teams were ready and waiting to receive their first clue that would lead them on a multi-day outdoor adventure.  You see, in addition to bragging rights, there was $500 in silver as prizes.  The first clue was released at 10 am.  Solving a clue would lead a team to a specific public location in Rochester.  At that location they would find information needed to receive their next clue.  Teams could also see live progress of each other through a website leaderboard, which fueled competition.

In all there were 10 clues total, leading to 4 different locations around Rochester.  As the sun set Sunday, it started raining.  Four teams had just solved all the clues.  Team BearHunters, a family with two small children, was determined to finish and started working on the final clue.  They braved the rain, found the location, and won 5th place.  Other teams continued working clues over the coming week, advancing towards the end, gaining personal satisfaction in each solve they completed.

This was a test run for a new form of entertainment called a Bad Pirate Tre.venture – a combination of the best parts of scavenger and treasure hunts – that is designed with the pandemic in mind and gets people off the couch, out of the house, onto an epic outdoor adventure for 1-2 weeks.

Some feedback from participating teams.

“Thank you so much! We're having a ton of fun and can't wait for more!” – Team SilverCannonBalls

Team BeefyBois - “We had a great time overall and this was an awesome way to stay occupied this weekend! My boyfriend is a huge fan of this kind of stuff and has been feeling cooped up with the pandemic, so this was an especially nice relief for him! Well done!”

There were some issues at the beginning though.  Several teams spent hours trying to solve the first clue.  Mikey Ten, the mysterious person behind, said “This is exactly why we did a smaller test hunt first, to work out any issues.  I made the first clues too difficult.  Everyone should be able to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with solving the clues.”  He added that “future will have multiple starter clues that will be easier to solve.  This will spread teams out initially and provide each team the ability to pick a clue they can solve quickly and is closer for them.”

As a thank you for testing out the first Tre.venture, Bonus Prizes were added and teams went back to locations looking for clues to them.  One team won a 5oz silver bar and six teams won 1oz silver coins.

With all the kinks worked out, officially launched larger hunts with more clues, locations,  and prizes of $5,000 in silver and gold across New York state starting September 16th.

The creator Mikey Ten was elusive on revealing his identity.  He provided some details – he’s lived in New York his entire life, he was born and raised in a suburb of Syracuse, has lived in the Rochester area for 20 years, and is a Xerox President’s Award recipient.  When pressed further he said “clues to my real identity are on the website.  It’s a game I left for players, if they want to solve it.  There are no prizes for finding me though!”

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