Posted on Sep 16 2020 - 3:46pm

Hello adventurers!  I have some bad news and some good news.

Bad Timing & Lemons

I paid for marketing on radio, email, and social media for across NY starting on Labor Day.  I spent almost as much on marketing in each city as the prizes being awarded.  Over that weekend the “Jelly Belly® Founder to Give Away One of His Candy Factories in Worldwide Treasure Hunt” story went viral.  Media across the nation picked it up and for the next week it was one of the top stories.

I had DJs on radio stations play my paid ad, and then talk about the candy factory giveaway.  My hometown (Syracuse) newspaper did an article on it and put me as a footnote, starting with “Klein is also not the only one sending adventurers out on crazy treasure hunts, either.”  

The net result is that my marketing message did not reach customers and the minimum number of tickets (200) required to run each Tre.venture, the break-even point for me, were not sold. I take responsibility, I should have started marketing earlier.

Good Lemonade

My goal with is to get families and friends off the couch, out of the house, and onto an outdoor adventure.  I believe can do that for EVERY single person that participates.  That is the core difference between a Tre.venture and traditional “treasure hunts” – everybody that participates can solve some clues, get that feeling of satisfaction and excitement, and progress at their own pace.

Rather than cancel them, I am making in Rochester and Buffalo FREE to participate in.  As a free Tre.venture I can’t offer the original prize levels unfortunately.  I am still going to offer $750 in prizes for each Tre.venture though, at my own expense, because that is part of the fun of the adventure!

  • 1st place is a 10 oz silver bar
  • 2nd place is 3x - 1 oz silver coin
  • 3rd-10th are 1oz silver coin each
  • 6x - 1 oz silver coins as bonus (non-placement) prizes

What I ask in return is the following:

  • After the Tre.venture is done, fill out a Customer Survey to help me further refine the concept.
  • Write a review of your experience on the Bad Pirate Facebook Page.
  • Post pictures on Facebook while you are on your Tre.venture and Tag the Facebook Page.

The locations are selected, the clues are done, and your Tre.venture is ready to go.  Register for FREE and get ready for an epic outdoor adventure !

Those who purchased Hunt Keys will receive a full refund.  You don’t need to register again, your Hunt Key is still valid for the Tre.venture you signed up for. 

I am postponing the Syracuse, Albany, and NYC area for now and will decide about those after the above ones are completed.

While I am disappointed that I’m not able to offer the original prizes, I am excited to provide each of you the same outdoor experience as I originally planned.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mikey Ten, Bad Pirate