Posted on Jul 30 2020 - 8:16pm

Spring/Summer 2020

The  spring and summer of 2020 was very different - no concerts, festivals, movies, or most of the normal things we are used to.  Everywhere we went we had to check to see if stores, restaurants, and attractions were open. We kept to our small bubbles of family and friends.  We've all probably binged more TV during this time than the last few years combined.  And yet, we still crave some sense of normality.

It is for these reasons that I have created Bad Pirate Tre.ventures - an activity to get you back out into the world, and a temporary reprieve from all that is going on in it.  I give you...

Tre.venture    [treh-VENT-cher]


  1.  An exciting new type of adventure that awaits you which combines treasure,  scavenger hunts, and more !

Verb    (tre.venturing, tre.ventured)

  1. To immerse your team in a multi-day adventure of solving clues, visiting locations, exploring your city, and forgetting about the world.  
  2. Match your wits against other teams and watch the game’s progress on the live leaderboard. 

Prizes    (tre.asure)

  1. Win $$$ prizes – and not just for first place.
  2. The real treasure – quality time with family and friends.

For everyone who is pandemically bored, a Bad Pirate Tre.venture is the entertainment you’ve been craving.  It will get you, your family, and friends off the couch, outside for days, and onto an epic adventure.  It will help you put the world’s problems on hold, and let you focus on what’s important – family and friends.

About Me

My nickname is Mikey Ten and I LOVE treasure hunts.  Doesn't matter what type of treasure hunt. A book, online, and especially "boots on the ground" treasure hunts where you physically go to specific locations after figuring out clues.  Over the years, I've worked on lots of treasure hunts.  Each has influenced me, helped me learn new things, created adventures of a lifetime, and lasting memories to go with it.  The true treasure is rarely associated with winning a treasure hunt - it's the journey along the way.

During this time I've also thought about "How I would run my own treasure hunt?  What worked?  What didn't?  How could technology help solve some common problems associated with treasure hunts?"

I'm not trying to remain anonymous.  At the same time I'm not going to provide me name directly.  What would be the fun in that?  I've worked for large corporations, small companies, and have run my own business for the last decade and a half  - websites for Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs.  I have thousands of customers across the US.  These experiences have provided me the technology and customer first skills.

Bad Pirate Tre.ventures are a whole new type of outdoor experience that combines all my learnings of my treasure hunting hobby merged with modern technology and customer focus.

So, time to get back outside.  Find a Bad Pirate Tre.venture in your area and start your own adventure !

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Mikey Ten, a Bad Pirate